Our services:

We assist steel companies, manufacturing companies of copper and other minerals as well as traders of minerals and metals, in search of products and markets.

Minerals and metals of South America and other continents

We offer products from Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia etc.

We also offer mining properties for sale in Chile and Bolivia which are a source of minerals such as copper, manganese, lithium and gold. The owners are willing to rent, co-exploit their property or invest in a joint-venture arrangement.



  • Mineral of iron.
  • Mineral of copper.
  • Copper concentrate.
  • Copper cathode.
  • Manganese.
  • Zinc concentrate.
  • Thermal carbon.
  • Iron and copper slags and other products.

The means of payment can vary according to the size of the producers. Many of them require SBLC (Standby Credit Card) given the logistic cost and the functioning of the national bank system. LC, DLC and ARDLC have no value in the South American banking system if the producer does not have any previous experience as an exporter.
The means of delivery also depend on the producer's financial capacity and the proximity of the port.
The most used are CIF, FOB, Ex-Works, FAS.

As a consulting firm in foreign exchange, we are at your entire disposal for any further help and to meet the requirements of your company.

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