Our company has a great experience in consulting in foreign exchange as well as in importation and exportation since 1985. Later we integrated translation and interpretation from swede to spanish (Castellano) as another function of our enterprise.

We have offered our services to several swedish translation companies as Ecqvator, which depends on Invandrarverket (National Direction of Immigration of Sweden); Tolkförmedlingen, company depending on the Town Council of Uppsala; Verbus AB, a local enterprise of translation in Uppsala; Tolkjouren AB, a national translation company in Sweden.


REIMAN'S IMPORT performed consulting for importers of alcoholic beverages in Sweden and for South-American exporters from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay etc. for 10 years. Amongst our customers we could mention swedish firms such as Edström Trading, Vinícola HB, Vieria Vinhandel etc. We can also include various south american companies in "our clientele".

In 1997, REIMAN'S IMPORT conducted a market survey on the industry of crisps/chips in Spain for the swedish company ESTRELLA.


The credibility of our enterprise is not only limited to the diverse experience we have acquire entrepreneurially speaking, we think that the experience and the capabilities of those who manage it do not matter much.

Victor Reiman participated in projects which allowed to build the basis for the future certification ISO 14001 for two transportation companies which are TrioFrakt in Köping and LBC in Uppsala in Sweden.

REIMAN MINERALS is at the core of a process of integration on the market of minerals in Latin America where it is currently positioned as an authorized representative of various south-american products.